2019 Winners

Winners of the 2019 African Beer Cup by category

Standard American Beer

GOLD: Anheuser-Busch InBev - St Louis Lager (Botswana)
SILVER: Shields Indie Brewing Company - White Falcon (South Africa)
BRONZE: Mad Giant - Super Session (South Africa)

International Lager

GOLD: AB-InBev - Sibebe Lager (Swaziland)
SILVER: AB-InBev - Kilimanjaro Premium Lager (Tanzania)
BRONZE: AB-InBev - Carling Black Label (South Africa)

Czech Lager

SILVER: Spilhaus Brewery - Premium Lager (South Africa)
BRONZE: Hoghouse - Pumba Pilsner (South Africa)

Pale Malty European Lager

SILVER: Cape Brewing Co. - CBC Lager (South Africa)
BRONZE: Darling Brew - Slow Beer (South Africa)

Pale Bitter European Beer

GOLD: Roof of Africa Craft Brewery - Roof Draught (Namibia)
SILVER: Urban Brewing Co. - Judas Peak Blonde Ale (South Africa)
BRONZE: Darling Brew - Blood Serpent (South Africa)

Amber Malty European Lager

SILVER: Brauhaus Am Damm - Brauhaus Märzen (South Africa)
: Spilhaus Brewery - Märzen Lager (South Africa)

Amber Bitter European Beer

BRONZE: Hazeldean Brewing Co. - Vienna Lager (South Africa)

Dark European Lager

GOLD: Brauhaus am Damm - Brauhaus Dunkel (South Africa)
: Clockwork Brewhouse - Schwarzbier (South Africa)

Strong European Beer

SILVER: Doctrine Brewing - Twisted Talisman (South Africa)

Category: German Wheat Beer

GOLD: Urban Brewing Co. - Talisman Weissbier (South Africa)
SILVER: Jack Black Beer - Atlantic Weiss (South Africa)
BRONZE: Berg River Brewery - Dunkler Doppelbock 2018 (South Africa)

British Bitter

BRONZE: Newlands Spring Brewing Co. - Jacob’s Pale Ale (South Africa)

Pale Commonwealth Beer

GOLD: Darling Brew - Rogue Pony (South Africa)
BRONZE: Hoghouse Brewing Co. - Hogtale African Pale Ale (South Africa)

Brown British Beer

GOLD: Afro Caribbean Brewing Co. - Pirate Porter (South Africa)
SILVER: Darling Brew - Black Mist Orange (South Africa)
BRONZE: Oxenham Craft Brewery - The Thirsty Fox Amber Ale (Mauritius)

Irish Beer

SILVER: Darling Brew - Gypsy Mask (South Africa)

Dark British Beer

GOLD: AB-InBev - Castle Milk Stout (South Africa)
SILVER: The Franschhoek Beer Co - The Stout (South Africa)
BRONZE: Stellenbosch Brewing Co - Eike Stout (South Africa)

Pale American Ale

GOLD: Mad Giant - Killer Hop (South Africa)
SILVER: Stellenbosch Brewing Co - Born Free Pale Ale (South Africa)
BRONZE: Richmond Hill Brewing Co - Car Park John (South Africa)

Amber & Brown American Beer

BRONZE: Shields Indie Brewing Company - Red Special (South Africa)

American Porter & Stout

GOLD: Drifter Brewing Company - The Stormy Smoked Porter (South Africa)
BRONZE: Bature Brewery - Black Gold (Nigeria)


GOLD: RIOT Beer - Valve IPA (South Africa)
SILVER: Jack Black Beer - Skeleton Coast (South Africa)
BRONZE: Afro Caribbean Brewing Co. - Jungle Paradise (South Africa)

Category: Belgian Ale

SILVER: Hey Joe Brewing Company - Wit (South Africa)
BRONZE: Newlands Spring Brewing Co. - Passionate Blond (South Africa)

Strong Belgian Ale

SILVER: Hey Joe Brewing Company - Blonde (South Africa)
BRONZE: Hoghouse Brewing Co. - Haybale Saison (South Africa)

Historical Beer

GOLD: Stellenbosch Brewing Co. & Little Wolf - Sorghum Gose (South Africa)

American Wild Ale

GOLD: Little Wolf - The Sour Plum (South Africa)
SILVER: Little Wolf - Passiflora (South Africa)
BRONZE: Hoghouse Brewing Co. - Nose to Tail Sour Ale (South Africa)

Category: Fruit Beer

SILVER: Bateleur Brewery - Fruit Fly (Kenya)

Spiced Beer

GOLD: Humanbrew - Loxton Lager (South Africa)
BRONZE: Shields Indie Brewing Company - Back in Black (South Africa)

Alternative Fermentables Beer

GOLD: AB-InBev - Hero Premium Lager (Nigeria)

Wood-aged beer

GOLD: Hazeldean Brewing Co. - Bourbon Barrel Sour Mash Milk Stout (South Africa)

Speciality Beer

RONZE: Shields Indie Brewing Company - Soul Power (South Africa)


Drifter Brewing Company - The Stormy Smoked Porter

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