Vencedores de 2021

Winners of the 2021 African Beer Cup by category

Standard American Beer

GOLD : Anheuser-Busch InBev - Lion Lager (South Africa)
SILVER : Anheuser-Busch InBev - Castle Lite (South Africa)
BRONZE : Anheuser-Busch InBev Castle Lager (South Africa)

International Lager

GOLD : Anheuser-Busch InBev - Maluti Premium Lager (Lesotho)
SILVER : Anheuser-Busch InBev - Nile Special (Uganda)
BRONZE : Darling Brew - Just Beer (South Africa)

Czech Lager

GOLD : Saggy Stone Brewing Co. - Dark Horse Lager (South Africa)
SILVER : Okavango Craft Brewery - Delta Lager (Botswana)

Pale Malty European Lager

SILVER : Roof of Africa Craft Brewery - Roof Woodxxxxer (Namibia)
BRONZE : Mountain Brewing Co. - Loadshed Lager (South Africa)

Pale Bitter European Beer

SILVER : Roof of Africa Craft Brewery - Roof Draught (Namibia)
BRONZE : Roof of Africa Craft Brewery - Roof Pilsner (Namibia)

Amber Malty European Lager

SILVER : Namibia Breweries - Camelthorn Brewing Co Urbock Beer (Namibia)
BRONZE : Brauhaus Afrika - Brauhaus Märzen (South Africa)

Amber Bitter European Beer

SILVER : Richmond Hill Brewing Co. - Twin Fin Kellerbier (South Africa)
BRONZE : Swakopmund Brewing Company - Helles (Namibia)

Dark European Lager

SILVER : Brauhaus Afrika - Brauhaus Dunkel (South Africa)
BRONZE : Crafty Dee's Brewing Co Dunkel (Tanzania)

Strong European Beer

GOLD : Swakopmund Brewing Company - Urbock (Namibia)

German Wheat Beer

SILVER : Urban Brewing Company -Talisman (South Africa)
BRONZE : Darling Brew - Pixie Dust (South Africa)

British Bitter

GOLD : Newlands Spring Brewing Company - Jacob's Pale Ale (South Africa)
SILVER : Jack Black's Brewing Co. - Butcher Block Pale Ale (South Africa)
BRONZE : Okavango Craft Brewery - Panhandle Pale Ale (Botswana)

Pale Commonwealth Beer

SILVER : Afro Caribbean Brewing Company - Dissident Golden Ale (South Africa)
BRONZE : Yzerbru Craft Brewery - Pale Whale (South Africa)

Brown British Beer

BRONZE : Swagga Breweries - African Porter (South Africa)

Irish Beer

GOLD : The Brewery - Hermanus Nitro Stout (South Africa)
SILVER : Richmond Hill Brewing Co. - Two Rand Man Irish Red Ale (South Africa)
BRONZE : Friar's Habit Craft Brewery - Extra Stout (South Africa)

Dark British Beer

SILVER : Anheuser-Busch InBev - Castle Milk Stout (South Africa)
BRONZE : Striped Horse - Striped Horse Milk Stout (South Africa)

Strong British Ale

GOLD : Triggerfish Brewing - Stonefish (South Africa)

Pale American Ale

GOLD : Birkenhead Brewery - Honey Blonde (South Africa)
SILVER : Stumpnose Brewery - Loco Coco (South Africa)
BRONZE : The Franschhoek Beer Co. - Liberty (South Africa)

Amber and Brown American Beer

SILVER : Agar's Brewery - Agar's Red Ale (South Africa)
BRONZE : Mad Giant - True Grit (South Africa)

American Porter and Stout

GOLD : Bature Brewery - Black Gold (Nigeria)
SILVER : Darling Brew - Black Mist (South Africa)
BRONZE : The Franschhoek Beer Co. - The Stout (South Africa)


GOLD : Richmond Hill Brewing Co. - Fever Dream Black IPA (South Africa)
SILVER : That Brewing Co. - Milkshake IPA (South Africa)
BRONZE : Devil's Peak Brewing Co. - Juicy Lucy New England IPA (South Africa)

Strong American Ale

GOLD : Afro Caribbean Brewing Company - Space Llama (South Africa)
BRONZE : Darling Brew - Warlord (South Africa)

European Sour Ale

GOLD : Hazeldean Brewing Co. - Plum Lambic Style (South Africa)
SILVER : Afro Caribbean Brewing Company - Dragonberry Kaleidoscope (South Africa)

Belgian Ale

GOLD : Crafty Dee's Brewing Co. - Wheat Beer (Tanzania)
BRONZE : Darling Brew - Bonecrusher (South Africa)

Strong Belgian Ale

SILVER : Darling Brew - LongClaw (South Africa)
BRONZE : The Franschhoek Beer Co - La Saison (South Africa)

Trappist Ale

SILVER : Triggerfish Brewing - Crazy Diamond (South Africa)
BRONZE : Longbeach Brewery - Dubel Trubel (South Africa)

American Wild Ale

GOLD : Devil's Peak Brewing Co. - Stoned Vol 1 Fruit Sour (South Africa)
SILVER : Hazeldean Brewing Co. - Flemish Acid Ale (South Africa)
BRONZE : Soul Barrel Brewing - Live Culture (South Africa)

Fruit Beer

SILVER : Brewsters Craft - Tolokazi Mango Beer (South Africa)

Spiced Beer

BRONZE : Pause Beer Co. - Lime Lager (South Africa)

Alternative Fermentables Beer

SILVER : Tiemann Beer - Wild Dog Shempa (Zambia)
BRONZE : Brewsters Craft - Tolokazi Sorghum Pilsner (South Africa)

Wood Beer

GOLD : Hazeldean Brewing Co. x Frontier Beer - The Haymaker Round 4 (South Africa)
SILVER : Darling Brew - Arrowhead Vintage 2020 (South Africa)
BRONZE : Devil's Peak Brewing Co. - Vannie Hout (South Africa)

Specialty Beer

GOLD : The Franschhoek Beer Co. - Small Batch Series: Session IPA (South Africa)
SILVER : Jump Brewing - Extra Hoppy Lager (South Africa)
BRONZE : Friar's Habit Craft Brewery - Mary Imperial Irish Red Ale (South Africa)


Bature Brewery - Black Gold (Nigeria)


Afro Caribbean Brewing Company - Space Llama (South Africa)

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